Data Holder 1.5

Data Holder 1.5



Size:11.8 MB

Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: LSD Software

Category: Business  >  Database Management



The program Data Holder - is intended for carrying out of the warehouse and statistical account. As against similar software Data Holder differs simplicity of perception and does not demand any special skills for work and service. Due to differentiation of access rights to the data (reading only / full access) is excluded an opportunity of plunder by workers of commodity - material assets. The software Data Holder ideally approaches for the decision of a lot of tasks where the control over quantity of various commodity - material assets and means is necessary. The given program complex also can be used for creation of various helps and catalogues, providing a fast and convenient data access. Due to convenient system of reserve copying - restoration software can be quickly developed on a lot of computers of the enterprise. Program Data Holder allows: To differentiate access rights to tables with the data (reading only / full access) To protect given by the password with the purpose of prevention of the non-authorized change of tables by foreign applications (including various databases editors) To adhere a database to a concrete computer (makes impossible viewing / editing on other PCs) It is convenient to process the tabulared data: to carry out search, to make sorting, to remember the size of columns of tables To make import and export of tables to tabulared processor Excel To carry out archiving and restoration of the data from archive directly in the program (the archive can be used for compact carry of the data on other PC, under condition of absence of binding of the data) To order tables of data in alphabetic order Software has the built - in calculator, a calendar, a notepad For work Data Holder it is required OS Windows 98 and is higher, 64 MB than operative memory, and export of tables tabulared processor Excel is necessary for import established package MS Office XP

Systems: Windows

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